Our Services

Desktop Apps

Windows Desktop App Development

Windows is the most suitable OS for organisations. its allows secure development and simple interface which makes it easy to implement.

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Website Development

Build Complete Websites

HTML/Flash/PHP Corporate/Individual websites. High quality design, attractive graphics, solid build for the best user experience, including multiple browser functionality.

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Web Interfaced Systems

Complete Web Solutions

Platform independant system which allows usage from any running OS (Windows, Mac, Unix, .. etc). Easy access from anywhere due to application being deployed on a server.

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Database Management

Create, Bacnkup & Restore

Design and structure any type of Database (Microsoft Access, SQL , MySQL).well structured design that allows organisation of data so simple and easy

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Recent projects

Browse our recent projects and you will see how we work and what are the technologies we use to build websites with a high quality and professional ways to present you all what you need, All we aim is to make our customers satisfied.

Saudi Appraisers Online System Specialised in Real Estate
High Mark Corporate Website For Department Store
Dyar Hotel & Resorts Corporate Website For Hospitality Group
Medicalline Corporate Website For Medical Group

We Also offer

Logo Design

Distinctive logo design service along with full office stationaries such as letterhead, business cards, envelops , bag and many others

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Mobile Application

Develop Mobile Application for iPhone,iPad, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

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we provide convenient network setup & support at your home or office which lets you connect & share content with other users on your network

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Computer Support

Our support team has the capablity to fix both softwaer and hardwaer issues in PCs'

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